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Who is Fawaz Al Hokair?
Who is Fawaz Al Hokair?

Fawaz Al-Hokair, born in 1965, is a Saudi billionaire and real estate developer. He founded the Fawaz Abdul Aziz Al Hokair Group with his brother in 1989, and started with two men's clothing stores. The company now owns more than 19 commercial centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It now owns many franchise rights for many brands, such as Banana, Gab, Republic, Topshop, and Nine West. Fawaz Al Hokair resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Ownership percentage of Al Hokair Company
عبدالمجيد الحكير
Saudi FAS Holding Company owns 49.00%.
Abdul Aziz Fahd Al Hokair owns 7.00%.
Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Hokair owns 7.00%.
Fawaz Abdul Aziz Fahd Al Hokair owns 6.1905%.

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